Okada Demolition Attachments in Sydney, NSW

If you’re in need of demolition attachments in Sydney, NSW, we’ve got the best brand on the market. Attachments Australia proudly distributes and services the best Okada Demolition Attachments in Sydney.

These products are designed and manufactured in Osaka, Japan by Okada. They have become the world’s leading authority on hydraulic crushing attachment technologies.

Benefits of Using Okada

Okada’s hydraulic attachments are designed with your work in mind. They are user friendly and employ only the latest technology so that you can be more productive and efficient than ever before. Okada attachments adhere to the company’s precise engineering and strict quality control, so you know that your product will last a long time with consistently high quality and output.

Certified Servicing

Attachments Australia is certified to not only sell, but also service and maintain all of your hydraulic machinery attachments. If you or your tradesmen require assistance with the equipment, we are also certified trainers and can help you get a firm grasp on your Okada attachments for demolition.

Read more about our training and repairs in the Sydney area here.

Choice of Attachments

Okada demolition attachments incorporate Pulveriser, Multi Crushers, Primary crusher, Steel shears and grabs.

OSC Series Pulveriser

This attachment has a fixed jaw and an enormous crushing force with three options. Read more about it here.

CUT Multi Crusher

The CUT is designed to shear structural metal. Read more about it here.

TSW Primary Crusher

These crushers can rotate 360 degrees and have twin output cylinders that give it a tremendous crushing force. Read more about it here.

TS Steel Shear

This demolition shear series offers speed value while crushing and shearing structural steel. Read more about it here.

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